Calcium Phosphates

Calcium phosphate is a family of compounds containing calcium and phosphorus, and are natural mineral found predominantly in bones and teeth. Its presence in the body serves multiple functions, and certain individuals might find supplementation advantageous.

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Speakers: Dr. Francesco Capitelli (IC-CNR), Prof. Altin Mele (Ivodent Academy)



– Brief presentation of apatites and their forms in nature.

– Apatites and their hydroxyapatite form as medical biomaterials.

– Applications of hydroxyapatites in the environment, cultural heritage and biomedical sciences.

– Different methods of synthesis of hydroxyapatites.

– Structural characterization of crystals. The history of the development of crystallography.

– Structural characterization techniques and relevant examples.

– Strontium-hydroxyapatite and their application in dentistry.

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