Igor Galic Akademia Ivodent Trajnim Teknika dentare dixhitale

Titulli: Dizenjimi digjital i protezës parciale të lëvizshme
Certifikimi: Ivoclar Academy
Lektor: Igor Galić
Gjuha: Anglisht/Shqip
Niveli: Mesatar
Kosto: 200 €
Data: Qershor 2022
Orari: 09:00 – 16:00
Vendndodhja: Laboratori digjital Akademia Ivodent, Rruga “Prokop Myzeqari” Tiranë

Dita 1

Expand your scanning abilities including full denture and other indications
Single tray and Bite impression scanning
Scanning of impression and a die
Design tools for adjustable incisal table
Design focused on new indications with focus on Removable Partial Denture and Full denture
Maryland bridge design
Tabletops and non prepared veneers design
Digital temporaries design

Dita 2

Removable partial denture design
Removable partial dentures with metal backing , metal dummies and virtual teeth
Implant Planning and Guide Design
Screw Retained Crown Workflow
Import Scans, Preparation Anatomy Design
Surgical Guide
Cropping CT Scans and Defining the Panoramic Curve

Dita 3

Implant Studio How to get Started
Implant Planning
Approve Send and Save
Scan Alignment , Nerve Definition

Edentulous Implant Planning in Implant Studio
Surgical Guide
How to prepare the CBCT data
How to align scans define gingiva and mandibular nerve
Implant Planning
Prosthetic design for edentulous cases

Dita 4

Wax – Up Implant Bridge Scanning Workflow
Design post and core on Trios case
Customized abutment and a crown design
Screw retained crown design
Positioning guide design
System Performance Improvement
How to use Generic Articulators Transfer Plate
Material File Maintenance
Implant Library Creation

Dita 5

Design wax up
Printing of wax up
Printing of Implant models with all different settings
Printing of implant model with gum
Printing of shell provisionals
Printing of surgical guide


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