The project aims to develop the extraction technique of medicinal plants and more with liquefied gases under pressure. This technique is also used for impregnation with extracts with antimicrobial properties of PMMA discs used to produce fixed and removable dental prostheses.

PMMA discs

PMMA discs consist of a highly cross-linked polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) with an integrated shade gradient for the efficient fabrication of full-contour crowns and bridges for the anterior and posterior regions.

Akademia Ivodent Universiteti i Laborantëve Dentarë

Goals and Objectives

The project would bring for the first time the development of the extraction technique with liquefied gases under pressure according to the soxlet principle or with continuous circulation of the solvent to the size of a pilot plant. The testing of this technique would enable the application of devices that work according to the aforementioned technique in small and medium-sized industries in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food chemistry, diversifying the range of products and increasing their value.

The same apparatus could also be used for impregnation with extracts with antimicrobial properties of PMMA discs which are milled in computer-controlled machines to produce fixed and removable dental prostheses. The application of these prostheses guarantees the protection from infection of the patients who use them.

Short description

The extraction of plants with liquefied gases has been carried out so far only in laboratory experiments in our country by participants in this project. Liquefied gases under pressure have been successfully used in the world industry for about 40 years as a solvent for obtaining value-added extracts used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The gases used, such as carbon dioxide, fluoromethane, difluoromethane, nitrous oxide, ammonia, etc., enable the extraction of plants at temperatures close to that of the environment, thus maintaining the quality of chemical compounds with antibacterial, cytotoxic, antiviral, antioxidant activity that are found in medicinal plants. The extracts obtained in this way have a several times greater value in the market compared to those obtained with traditional techniques such as steam distillation or extraction with organic solvents such as hexane, dichloromethane, ethanol, etc.

As one of the products that contain extracts obtained with liquefied gases, there are dental prostheses impregnated with them. One of the frequent problems that appears in patients who place permanent or fixed prostheses after performing tooth extraction or implantation, is the high risk of bacterial infection in the areas that are exposed after the intervention. The impregnation of the polymeric materials of which dental prostheses are made up with plant extracts with the above-mentioned effects significantly reduces this risk. Dental prostheses impregnated with antibacterial extracts of plants such as oregano and cloves will be attempted for the first time in this project, again using liquefied gases under pressure. These prostheses are an innovative product that helps to rapidly improve the oral health of patients who have removable dental prostheses or who have undergone surgical interventions such as placement of implants in the jaws.


Prof. As. Altin Mele – Coordinator

MSc. Anisa Cano – Chemical Laboratory Technician

MP. Antonina Mema – Digital Dental Technician

Dr. Ardita Mele – Chemist

MSc. Dorina Mele – Dentist

Dr. Dorisa Cela- Chemical Laboratory Technician

Prof. Dr. Fejzi Keraj – Dentist and Dental Technician

MSc. Franci Kutrolli – Dentist

MSc. Henerieda Malo – Dentist

MSc. Jeta Lica – Chemist

MSc. Lorenci Gjurgjaj – Chemist

Proc-Dr. Mariza Andoni – Chemist

DP. Vangjel Azizolli – Digital Dental Technician

Prof. Dr. Sokol Abazi – Chemist



Financing institution

National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation (NASRI) and Ministry of Education and Sports (MES)

Time period

2023 – 2024

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