“Novel Innovative fluorohydroxyapatite – based nanomaterials for dental applications”

  • Istituto Di Cristallografia, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
  • Ivodent Academy
  • Polytechnic University of Tirana

Date: 24-27 October 2023

Location: Ivodent Academy


Visit of the Italian scientists of the Institute of Crystallography, National Research Council (IC-CNR) at Ivodent Academy within the bilateral project “Materials and Methodologies for Biomedical Applications”.

During the visit of the Italian side to the premises of the laboratories of the Center of Techniques Studies at Ivodent Academy, a round table was organized where details of the project and its full schedule were discussed. Also, hydroxyapatite (Hap), fluorohydroxyapatite and fluorohydroxyapatite doped with strontium (Sr-nFHAp) were synthesized. The synthesized products were characterized through porosimetry analysis of the samples through high performance adsorption techniques.

  • Dr. Francesco Capitelli (IC-CNR)
  • Dr. Francesco Baldassare (IC-CNR)
  • Dr. Dritan Siliqi (IC-CNR)
  • Dr. Bujar Dida (UPT)
  • Dr. Dafina Karaj (UPT)
  • Prof. Asoc. Altin Mele (Ivodent Academy)
  • MSc. Jeta Lica (Ivodent Academy)

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